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History of the Cleveland Snowhawks Snowmobile Club

February of 1970 - The first meeting of the Cleveland Club was called to order by Joe Scheidt.

October of 1970 - The club decal will be a hawk driving a snowmobile.

February of 1972 - The idea of thanking the farmers for running on their property with our snowmobiles was discussed. The club will donate a 12 pack of beer to these landowners.

September of 1972 - Joe Scheidt reported on incorporating the club, at a cost of $30.00.

December of 1974 - Going up north as a club and renting motel rooms for the weekend was discussed.

January of 1975 - No one wanted to rent motel rooms up north for a weekend.

October of 1975 - The club will have a dance and offer raffle prizes with the dance tickets.

January of 1976 - Club membership 34 families and 20 individuals.

February of 1976 - All land owners having a marked trail on their property will be guests at the bust up party. Any land owner not attending the party will be given a bottle of liquor.

July of 1976 - The idea of going up north for a weekend on a club outing was again discussed. It was reported that Trout Haven would have room for about 20 people. We will rent Trout Haven for the weekend of January 29 1977.

October of 1976 - Cleveland is getting a snow trail.

January of 1977 - The club has purchased a rescue sled and will spend whatever it takes to make it comfortable for the injured.

February of 1978 - The up north committee will be Allen Kracht, Gerald Sixel, and Don Schmidt

January of 1979 - Ron Schmidt's leveler is finished! It takes about five hours for our trails and he is doing a fantastic job!

January of 1980 - Grace Jaeger has started a club scrapbook.

September of 1980 - First year at the county fair-Elroy Jaeger gave a report on the beer stand at the fair. The club said it was a good experience and each club received $520.00. It was discussed to have the tent in a better place and to have food and music next year.

December of 1980 - Allen Kracht made a motion there should be more snow, everyone seconded it!

Decembet of 1983 - Due to the fire at Held's the dance will be held at Millhome.

February of 1984 - 1984 fair tent entertainment costs-$2,500.00

March of 1984 - It was discussed to have a raffle for a trip to Las Vegas for two people, if they do not want to go on the trip they will receive a $500.00 cash prize. We will discontinue the annual dance.

October of 1984 - Grace Jaeger was trying to sell stock in SNOW but no one bought any.

January of 1985 - Club membership 45 families and 27 individuals

February of 1985 - For the first Cleveland Snowhawks raffle we sold 1,824 tickets. The grand prize winner Mrs. Louis (Mildred) Wiegand.

March of 1985 - Instead of a bottle of liquor a canned ham will be given to the land owners not attending the bust up party.

February of 1987 - Gerald Sixel brought up the idea of going out to Yellowstone for a group outing as a change of pace.

March of 1988 - On March 3, 19 people left for four days of snowmobiling in the Yellowstone park area.

February of 1989 - A sign with our emblem was discussed to mark when entering and leaving the Cleveland trails.

May of 1989 - The expo meeting was reviewed. It included a proposal for a building on the expo grounds.

February of 1990 - 1990 fair tent entertainment cost $9,050.00.

February of 1990 - For our raffle over 1300 tickets were sold. The grand prize was shared by Arlene Hubbart and Marcella Glomski. The club traveled to Antigo for their up north outing. The weekend was enjoyed by 55 people with beautiful weather and trails.